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We are a company that has been designing, manufacturing and installing robotic workstations and production lines for the automotive industry for many years. Our offer includes both automatic and semi-automatic assembly stations, insert systems for injection molds and quality control vision stations. Our company stands out for its extensive experience in the plastics processing industry, which allows us to provide effective advice to customers at the stage of designing injection molds. This enables us to design solutions that enable seamless automation of the production process.

The insert feeding station for plastic injection molding using the KUKA robot is a modern solution that allows for precise and efficient insertion of elements into the plastic injection molding process. The KUKA robot was designed with maximum efficiency and precision in mind, which allows for high-quality products to be achieved.

Additionally, the station is equipped with quality control systems, which allow for the precise inspection of each element after injection. This enables the detection of any defects or damage, as well as a quick response to any potential issues.

After injection, each detail is marked with a special marking system, which allows for easy identification of each element in the further production process. Additionally, the use of a traceability system enables the tracking of the production history of each detail, which is particularly important for products that require accurate identification and tracking.

The entire station has been designed with maximum efficiency, precision and quality control in mind, which allows for high-quality products and efficient production processes to be achieved.


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