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TMA Electronics is a specialist in dedicated automation, and our ready-made assembly lines are the perfect solution for electronic device manufacturers. Regardless of the type of task, such as assembly, Pick & Place tasks, or manipulation, TMA stations ensure extremely high production efficiency and quality, even at very high cycle times. With specialized knowledge and experience, TMA is able to deliver comprehensive solutions that are tailored to individual customer needs, allowing for excellent results in the electronics industry.

The PCB assembly station with quality control and laser marking system is an advanced tool that allows for the production of high-quality and individualized products.

First and foremost, this station consists of several elements that enable production from assembly through quality control to laser marking.

In the first stage, PCBs are placed in special holders that provide precise and stable positioning during assembly. Then, electronic components are placed on the PCBs using specialized tools.

In the next stage, each PCB is subjected to detailed quality control, in which factors such as the correctness of assembly, the efficiency and durability of connections, and the presence of any errors are checked.

At the end of the process, each PCB is marked using a specialized laser marking system that allows for the assignment of a unique code or customer logo, providing full product traceability.

The entire production process uses traceability technology, allowing each element to be monitored and recorded, which enables full control over the entire process and allows for quick and precise detection of any errors.

In this way, the PCB assembly station with quality control and laser marking system ensures high quality, personalized marking, and full product traceability for the customer.


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