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In the last few years, TMA has expanded its offer to include the production of advanced devices for the medical industry, dedicated to automating the production processes of plastic products. Our solutions are mainly aimed at producers of disposable laboratory, diagnostic, and pharmaceutical products. Our offer includes assembly machines, precision filling lines, packaging machines for parts from injection molding machines, and quality control devices.

Thanks to the use of the latest technologies and the experience of our team of specialists, we are able to provide a stable production process, which is crucial for obtaining high-quality products. Our solutions allow for increased production efficiency, minimization of the risk of production errors, and cost optimization, which translates into increased profits for our customers.

The assembly station for laboratory tests is an advanced tool that enables the production of laboratory tests in a precise and efficient manner.

It consists of 6 assembly stations, where various assembly operations are performed. Each station performs a specific task, allowing for parallel execution of multiple tasks simultaneously. This makes the production process faster and more efficient.

Two robots are used for assembly, which allow for automatic and precise placement of elements on the tests. These robots are programmed to perform various operations, allowing for the production of a variety of laboratory tests.

After the assembly process is complete, each test undergoes detailed quality control by a vision system. At this station, parameters such as the correctness of assembly and dimensional accuracy are checked. In case of any irregularities, the test is placed in a container for defective elements.

The entire assembly station for laboratory tests is designed to enable a fast and precise production process, while ensuring high quality and eliminating errors.


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