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Turnkey solutions

Thanks to our collaboration with ENGEL, we offer comprehensive turnkey solutions. What does that mean? When you order a production station from us, you receive an injection molding machine and automation tailored to your individual needs. The entire production cell can be delivered to you either from our headquarters in Gdynia or from Austria.

With this solution, you don’t have to worry about integrating multiple suppliers into one production line. We are able to provide comprehensive support and technical assistance at every stage of the process. All of this is aimed at ensuring that your production is as efficient and profitable as possible.

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Take a look at our new realization

Automated electronic component assembly station for an automotive company. Inspection of details and traceability with human collaboration ensures high quality and repeatability of products.

Thin-Wall Packaging Days

Wherever people talk about packaging, efficiency and effectiveness, we are there too. Piotr Orlikowski participated in an event dedicated to thin-wall packaging organized by ENGEL.

IML labeling, receipt of products from the injection molding machine, palletization are essential elements of the packaging production process. And these are the devices we offer.

Muoviyhdistys – Finland

Meeting of the Finnish Plastics Association

We had the pleasure of taking part in the annual meeting of the Finnish plastics association Muoviyhdisys.

We presented how automation can respond to current challenges, ranging from the lack of experienced employees, through the increase in energy rates, to efficiency and sustainable development.

Pharmapack trade fair – packaging for the medical industry

We are constantly developing in the medical and packaging industry, offering our clients devices that meet strict quality and cleanliness standards, but also devices that are able to meet the challenges of efficiency and performance.

Therefore, our representative could not be missing at the largest fair dedicated to the combination of the above-mentioned industries, i.e. medical packaging.

A little more information about the DWP device

A device for filling, packing and stacking DWP plates made for a company from the medical industry. It operates in accordance with the ISO7 standard, ensuring a high level of air cleanliness in the production environment

ENGEL Nordic Sales Meeting at TMA AUTOMATION / Poland

Two incredibly successful days have just come to an end, which we spent together: ENGEL Nordic Sales team and TMA.

The enthusiastic commitment to developing our partnership has us looking towards the future with extremely optimistic prospects. Thank you, ENGEL Nordic Sales Team, for the visit, and we look forward to seeing you soon during our joint visits to our clients.

28th FAKUMA – You’ll find us there as well.

We invite you to meet with us at the 28th FAKUMA trade fair.
You will find us at the booth alongside Engel.

See you there!

We are entering the era of automation and robotics.

We are entering the era of intensive automation and robotics today. Entrepreneurs are aware that human labor, characterized by lower efficiency…

Palletizing is not only the TETRIS series. We delivered an unusual device for cans

The palletizer with two stations for stacking cans uses a 6-axis robot and a mechanism that changes the orientation of stacks of cans.

#TMA #fabrykarobotów #automatyzacjadedykowana #branżamedyczna

Recently, Piotr had the opportunity to present one of our latest projects – an automatic station that TMA Automation made for a company from the medical industry.
We encourage you to watch the video where you can take a closer look at what the robots look like in action

23-26.05.2023 PLASTPOL 2023 We were there!

Thanks to our collaboration with Engel, you could see us at one of the largest booths at the trade fair.

Enriched with new business contacts, ideas, and knowledge about the direction in which the industry is heading, we return to what we love most – building robot factories.

Two incredibly exciting years are ahead of us!

This week, the contract for the construction of TMA Automation’s new headquarters has been signed.

In two years, we will not only move our office but also our production facilities to the rapidly developing high-tech industrial area in Gdansk near the airport.

We can’t wait for this visualization to become a reality, and we will be able to move our entire team to one, our own (!) building.

We delivered a 4-station device for box palletizing.

If you have a wooden fence in your garden, there is a possibility that it was assembled by a TMA robot!

The scope of automation and robots provided by TMA Automation is very wide. Today, we are showcasing how the standard TMA midiLINE robot has transformed into a dedicated nailer-stapler for the wood industry, serving as an automatic robot for joining wooden elements. Its application? Assembly of wooden structures such as garden fences or wooden pallets.
A sturdy construction ensures the accuracy and repeatability of the nailer’s work.
Ease of programming and operation is achieved through a user-friendly interface.
Automatic adjustment of tool operations to the most optimal cycle is made possible by innovative software.


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