Inserting inserts into plastic injection molding

The workstation for inserting inserts into plastic injection molding using a KUKA robot is a modern solution that enables precise and efficient insertion of elements into plastic injection molding. The KUKA robot has been designed with maximum efficiency and precision in mind, allowing for high-quality products to be produced.

In addition, quality control systems have been implemented on the workstation, allowing for precise checking of each element after injection. This makes it possible to detect any defects or damages and quickly react to any problems.

After injection, each detail is marked with a special marking system, making it easy to identify them in further production. Additionally, the use of a traceability system enables the history of production for each detail to be traced, which is particularly important for products that require precise identification and tracking.

The entire station has been designed with maximum efficiency, precision and quality control in mind, which allows for high-quality products and efficient production processes to be achieved.

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